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Used Pipe For Sale

Standardization Guide for our selection of Used Pipe For Sale and Surplus Pipe Grading

As Categorized by NASPD

This guide is meant to be a reference used by prospective buyers and sellers of pipe, including pipe dealers and end users. With the topic being so subjective, the purpose of this section of the manual is to create a standard by which any pipe seller or purchaser may attempt to describe the pipe uniformly. When done properly, it may reduce the necessity for long distance travel for visual inspection. Independent Pipe and Steel, Inc. and the NASPD do not make any warranty as to suitability for application of any pipe described in this section. It is always sold as-is, with no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied as to suitability for application. This guide will list and define most of the terminology used in the used and surplus industry and explain their relevance.

Previously used for transmission of a product as a line structural application, down hole exploratory or production of petroleum product or as casing or conduit.

No previous usage, but may have existed in inventory for a length of time; been exposed to weather elements; records lost in liquidation sale, resulting in no traceability-origin, manufacture or grade as produced.

Occasionally downgraded by manufacturer as excess inventory; but typically rejected from rolling; rejected from third party inspection; or mill shorts-cutoffs.

Occasionally downgraded by manufacturer as excess inventory; but typically rejected from rolling; rejected from third party inspection; or mill shorts-cutoffs.

All the above products are marketed in the "Limited Service" segment of the pipe industry. No warranties should be made on the grades of pipe beyond that which accompanies the original sale from a manufacturer or inspection company. Some "limited service" pipe is offered with a limited pressure test. Caution is urged in understanding what is really offered.

*Used pipe can be inspected by a third party or inspection company or lab for yield, tensile, elongation, chemical properties, and for remaining wall thickness (such as tubing or casing OCTG). Threads can also be inspected for suitability for possible reuse.

The main reason for buyers to consider used/surplus is primarily budgetary. Either budget constraints or lack of rigid specifications or grades for particular projects may allow for usage of limited service pipe.

NASPD GUIDE COVERS TWO GRADES OF PIPE: #1 and #2 with subcategories of excellent, good and poor in each.

#1 - No pitting or visible defects description is of the surface condition of the metal visual basis. Can be used to describe ID and/or OD of pipe. Can have "salt & pepper" finish or texture. Used to give good visual mental picture when describing pipe by phone. Can be detected by touch.

#2 - May have light to medium pitting. No heavy scale or "crater" pitting. Pipe may have #1 OD and #2 ID or vice versa. Pipe used for transfer of liquids may be rougher in ID than OD, while natural gas transmission line pipe may be smoother in the ID than on the OD.

#1 and #2 grade is meant to give only cosmetic value to pipe and is not an inspection report.

Can include brushing, rolling, scraping, drifting, straightening, de-denting, re-threading, re-coating, re-lining, cleaning and may include electronic inspection to determine wall loss.

Used pipe & surplus pipe must be represented properly and clearly.

Four main topics to cover when buying or selling used pipe and surplus pipe:

  • Condition of metal ID & OD surface (#1 or #2).
  • Physical condition, i.e. straightness, roundness, dents, end condition, etc.
  • Coatings, i.e., tar enamel, asphalt, tape, other or bare.
  • Identification of previous usage, i.e., water, petroleum products, chemicals or other.

TIP: Buildup of dirt, calcium or light scale may be deceiving. With proper cleaning, pipe may be in usable condition under the rough appearance. However, proper cleaning may also expose severe pitting.

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